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MjPainting Adelaide

Spotlight on MJ Painting Services: Elevating Their Online Presence

At Smarter Tech, we support businesses in Adelaide and beyond as they enhance their online presence and user experiences. Today, we’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of our esteemed clients, MJ Painting Services. They’ve recently undergone a significant transformation on their website, and we want to share the exciting changes with you. ¬†Fast…
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24/09/2023 0

Why we keep our customers’ data inside Australia

Yesterday we wrote the reasons we keep our clients’ data inside Australia and won’t publish them in International clouds on the Smarter IMS site: Please visit and read the post here: We don’t store our customer’s data outside Australia  

03/10/2022 0


We are hardly working on our new shopping site which would be compatible with our other project, Swift Price. This site not only sells products and services directly but also gives some suggestions for products available on Amazon Australia. New products and services will be added to the mentioned site in the coming months.…
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14/07/2022 0
Smarter IMS

Inventory Management Software from scratch

The story of a new, smarter method of inventory management software: It was 2013, the company that I was working in decided to have its own shopping system and warehouse inventory software. We designed a very flexible database with the help of Jaz, and the new shopping system started its activity in 2 months after…
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23/01/2021 0

Take flight with $5

Hey. Start investing with Spaceship Voyager today! Get $10 in your account when you enter this code S8VYN59MTI within 14 days of signing up and invest at least $5 in your chosen portfolio within 90 days of signing up. T&Cs apply. Spaceship Voyager issued by Spaceship Capital Ltd AFSL 501605. General advice only. Consider the…
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